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Also, the most recent album is "Recollections."

recollections cd

It's 13 songs that I've recorded at various times and stages of life since the "Black & White Portrait" was released in 1998. Of Course, there was the Christmas album ("Was, and Is, and Is to Come") in between... but that's in it's own special annual category along with egg nog, candy, canes, and snow.

Recollections is a whole different vibe from song to song. A musically schizophrenic potpourri of style and sound that smells as good as it tastes. Sort of like "Melodic A.D.D. sprinkled on a bowl of musical soup."

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"Just One" spaceby the 1 Hand Band - Greg Otterholt


"2015 Seahawk Videos"



"2014 Seahawks Super Bowl Mixtape" parody


2014 Seahawks Parade - My view from Sky-Street-Stadium


"Seahawks Song" parody of a classic Journey hit



"Single Handedly" - The story of Greg Otterholt


"Mary Did You Know"



One of the most beautiful places in the world...

my backyard (with Silent Night from the "Was, and Is, and Is to Come" album.)



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