About the Artist:
You’ll find a vast variety of sounds, styles and topics in Greg’s music. Everything from fun and comical tunes to more reflective songs are found on his albums... all intended to encourage and entertain.

The music mirrors the varied life that Greg has lead, facing each challenge in life with determination and a smile. That calm and confident outlook comes from a strong faith and a supportive family.

Greg was born in Seattle to a family that says they were a bit surprised to say the least. He was missing half of his left arm at birth. But despite being born with what was commonly referred to in that day and age as a “birth defect,” Greg says he was taught to not be defined by labels but to do what he can to redefine them.

He’s been seen on televisions Wide World of Sports for ski racing... Played for the World Cup Soccer Tournament with the U.S. Amputee exhibition team... and appeared in the pages of Golf Digest after hitting a "one-handed" hole in one. Greg has also had a successful career in radio and television broadcasting. He was an anchor and weather reporter for "NewsView," on KVOS-TV until January of 2007 when the show ended its near 17 year run. (Click here for Greg's weather page)

If you haven't seen him, you quite likely have heard him. In addition to having been the voice heard during daily weather reports... He's also been behind the microphone in a variety of songs, jingles, and commercials.

He received his first big musical break while working as a videographer at a large music festival. The stage manager of the event happened to hear Greg sing at his church and convinced the promoter to give him a chance behind the main stage microphone. The surprise response of that simple accappella solo lead to his first CD, radio airplay, and concert tours including that same festival as an artist the next few years.

Greg has since performed across North America and in spots around the world. He's sung in small chapels, large festivals, and to his largest audience of over 30,000 while singing the National Anthem for the Seattle Mariners. Greg has recorded four solo albums and is also featured on a variety of albums by other artists as well as various artist compilations like “Christmas in the Northwest 10.”

Ask Greg about his life story though and he’ll tell you it’s not about the accomplishments, but it’s about the credits. He says, “I have to give credit where it’s due. My inspiration comes from knowing that God is in control. I was born unfinished, and incomplete so that He could continue this work-in-progress right in front of me. That's been the evidence to me that there's a plan and a purpose behind it all."
Psalm 139:13-18
, 1 Corinthians 1:26-31

"I've been blessed with an incredible family that encourages me and friends and mentors who have accepted me just the way God made me. God doesn't make mistakes, but He does make defectives. Perhaps, so that we can see that we're only made complete through Him."

Romans 10:9-10, John 3:16-21, John 9, Phil. 4:11-13


Greg shares a story that enlightens and inspires… with songs that encourage and entertain… from an eternally positive perspective.

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“Who Strengthens You”
from the Black & White Portrait CD.

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Greg Otterholt  
Greg with jazz trio  


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