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Hook & Pan Productions is dedicated to developing engaging, informative, and effective entertainment, advertising, and media marketing.

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Some of our services include:

- TV & Radio Advertising & Production

- Professional Recording and Voice Work

- Custom Music and Jingle Creation

- Radio/TV air Time Purchasing & Planning

- Business Slogan & Image Development

- CD/DVD and Web Based Media Production

- Website Media Marketing & Optimization

- Multimedia Presentations & MC services

- Portable Studio Recording on location

- Event PA sound and DJ services

- Multi-Camera Video Recording & Projection

- Concerts & Live Event Entertainment (See Samples Here)


From broadcasting to radio and TV advertising... to creating custom music and jingles... to speaking, entertaining, and performing at conferences, weddings, or corporate events... to recording albums, restoring historic film, video, or vinyl audio heirlooms... Hook and Pan specializes in just about anything that involves the technology of sight and sound.

It's a unique combination of a truly "broad" career in broadcasting, a background in business and media marketing, and a few amazing opportunities of a lifetime that set the stage for this career.

It's this unique foundation that allows Hook & Pan Productions to save you time and money... as a "one-stop-shop" for all your media needs.

For a free consultation, contact Greg directly at:

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The Story behind Hook & Pan

Greg explains, "Hook & Pan started as a side business for me in 1993. The combination of a degree in communications, a career in commercial broadcasting, and experience as a songwriter and performer seemed like the perfect recipe for making a career out of creativity. And so, Hook and Pan was born.

The idea for the name came from a co-worker at the Firs Camp & Conference Center as a simple joke referring to my prosthetic hook. It was a magnet for all the kids curious to see how it works and hear my story. And... of course the first frame of reference that every kid has is Captain Hook.

I figured it's one of the most memorable, unique, and descriptive features I have... what a perfect advertising tool!

Also, considering that both "hook" and "pan" are musical, audio, and video production terms... (as well as the obvious similarities to one famous pirate and a kid at heart), the name was obviously the greatest of hooks."

Hook & Pan Productions

"Catching attention, Turning heads"


Hook & Pan Productions continued to grow as a part time venture for Greg when time allowed. Then when the Television news program he worked on since 1990 was eliminated in 2007... Greg took this successful side business to full time status.

The opportunity allowed him to combine the production and presentation skills acquired, along with the marketing, advertising, and performing abilities he developed... to create a "one-stop-shop" where clients could get 3 times the work done at 1/3rd the cost.

Seeing a new generation of DVR's, PDA's, HDTV, iPods, YouTube, and the impact of the internet... Greg knew it would take much more knowledge and creativity to reach and wake the often lifeless listeners and vegetative viewers from their media trance. That prompted him to go back to school and learn how to harness the latest technology to bring these various media avenues together. Shortly after that, Hook & Pan Productions became a corporation in 2009.

The mission remains to create innovative, inspirational, entertaining, and effective slogans, songs, jingles, and commercials.

It continues to grow and flourish as more and more clients see and share their successful results.

That success is simply the right message, shared the right way, at the right time, to the right audience.


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