"Stevens Pass"
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Stevens Pass (The Single)



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It’s a classic song about a classic highway going through 
a midlife crisis.  If you’ve ever traveled along this scenic 
route on a busy day or holiday weekend… you know the 
backups can seem endless.  Yet, in the distance… 
hope appears just around the next bend.  See if you 
recognize the historic highway icons that warm the 
stomach and fill the soul, and keep your heavy 
traffic temper under control.

Was and Is and Is To Come

Hook, Line & Singer CD

Hook, Line, and Singer


About the artist:
Greg Otterholt has been a lifelong Wash
ingtonian who has camped and crossed the Cascades… back and forth since birth. He’s an avid outdoorsman, former television weatherman, and now a rock star in the making. Yes...Greg is on the verge of an illustrious world changing musical career… all kicked off by this GIANT regional HIT single. It is arguably the most popular, and considered by many to be the most masterfully written song ever composed about a two lane highway that crosses the Washington Cascades. So sit back, put your feet up on the dash, recline and relax to the smooth sounds of “Stevens Pass.”

PS: If this hit single thing doesn’t end up making Greg a millionaire…perhaps you can help by donating to the:

With just a .99 cent donation made via (search for "Otterholt") to purchase this song… you could help Greg pay for enough gas to let his car idle in “Stop & Go” traffic on Stevens Pass for 7 and ½ minutes. (Quote roughly based on current gas prices)

PSS: And think how much farther he could get if you purchased some of the other, more legitimate songs in his collection. Also, it’s never too early or late to shop for Christmas. Check out his hit Christmas album “Was, and Is, and Is to Come”.

PSSSS: Or maybe you have a potential job idea for Greg. He’s very talented, a marketing genius, and has an uncanny ability to write in the “third-person.”
“Man, this guy’s good… You should hire him.”



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