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--------------------2015 news entries--------------------

January 2015

It's been another exciting start to the year. Had one of the best years in business with some of the most incredible opportunities... from working with a growing group of amazing business clients, to flying over Seattle during the Superbowl parade. WOW... and now my favorite team has returned to the Superbowl... and done so in the most amazing way I could have imagined with their NFC Championship comeback that stunned the nation. It inspired me to add some new Seahawk videos this year. Here's a look.


--------------------2014 news entries--------------------

January 2014

What a fun start to the year! Seahawks are on a roll and I just finished a Seahawks Song for the NFC Championship game that they've been playing and talking about everywhere.


So far... reports of KIRO TV 11pm news, KIRO-Radio, KOMO radio, KGMI, KISM... and the Bellingham Herald.

Go Hawks!!!




--------------------2013 news entries--------------------

December 2013

I see the new Recollections album is now up ready to launch officially. Here we go...


November 2013

I see that I've been a bit busy this year since I haven't written anything since January. Looks like it will only get busier now. Just launched the lastest album this week. (Thanksgiving week)
More details to com on the launch of that and the video I'm planning to launch next week.


January 2013

Off to a great new start! The studio is humming with activity. Did a few remote recordings for grade school and middle school vocal groups for competition. Both groups won 1st place for the recordings and a total of $1000 for their music programs.

Concentrating lately on mentoring people to perform their very best... and then perfecting the skill and technology to help make them naturally sound even better than their best.

--------------------2012 news entries--------------------

December 2012

It's Back... Christmas time is here again already. Have a concert Sunday, December 2 - at 6pm - First Presbyterian Church - 1031 N. Garden St.
Bellingham, WA 98225.


Also, performing in my first play ever... as the Ghost of Christmas Presence in "A Christmas Carol" - December 7th and 8th - at the Mount Baker Theatre. This is a real stretch for me with 4 rehearsals a week for the last month... and lots of words, singing, and yes... even a little dancing. YIKES!!! Hope you can come see if you get a chance.

Click here for tickets -

A Christmas Carol


July 2012

It's been a busy year full of music, business, traveling and shooting video in some amazing places. Captured footage of Long Island, Manhattan, Boston, Washington DC, and Orlando to use in a variety of projects. Produced several video projects so far this year and started building an amazing team for internet marketing as well. The results have been phenomenal!


 --------------------2011 news entries--------------------

October 2011

Fall is in the air... as well as rain and wind. Of course, that means that Christmas is just around the corner. "Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow Snow." YEAH!!! Contact us now about booking for any Christmas events on your calendar.




(January 2011)

"It's a New Dawn... It's a New Day... and I'm Feeling Good." A great tune and a great start to the new year! 2010 was one of the biggest blessings of my career. It was filled with new clients, new successes, and new career challenges that resulted in some new skills and the excitement of some amazing triumphs.

Now I'm leaning forward into 2011 with great expectations!

------------------2010 news entries-----------------------

(December 2010)

So excited that Christmastime is Here... happiness and cheer... ha-ha. Seriously though... it's been a year full of blessings and also some sadness. We lost my Aunt this year to cancer and Christmas Eve will never be the same. But, the Joy she had will remain in our family memories forever. In fact, I get to hear her laugh every time I listen to that song "Christmastime is Here" or "White Christmas" from my first Christmas album.

Both songs have little bits and pieces taken from videos I shot over the years of several family Christmas parties, celebrations, and family gift exchanges. I included all my favorite voices from a lifetime of family Christmas memories on the album. So many special people that have been and continue to be amazing blessings. It's a great reminder every time I listen of how truly thankful I am for each of them.

I hope you have a chance to step back and reflect on how blessed you are this Christmas. Maybe it's a memory you have... or the family you're a part of... or the fact that you're alive with the opportunity to make tomorrow a better day for you and those around you.

Whatever your situation... God is able to do immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine. He gave the Greatest Gift of all... and that IS Christmas! The birth of Jesus to show us The Way... His sacrifice on the cross to forgive us of our sins... His resurrection on Easter Day defeating all sin and death... and His promise of Eternal Life as we surrender our lives to Him.

May You truly have a Merry Christmas! ...for eternity!

God Bless!





(September 2010)

Did a Christmas TV special a few years ago and just uploaded the two songs we performed to YouTube. The first one is a bit controversial, called the Politically Correct Xmas Album. Curious what you think...



See if you can pick out all 5 songs included in the tune below.


There are a few other Christmas concert samples to the left as well. We're entertaining for a variety of parties, concerts, dinners, and events this time each year and would love to come join you for your event as well. Please contact us ASAP to reserve your spot on the calendar.

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(August 2010)

Wow!!! It's been an absolutely crazy year! Have been so busy... I haven't had a chance to update my website until now. Just updated and added several new cameras to my weather page. It's a great resource for seeing exactly what's happening around the region... with all the best resources right there to do your own forecasting.

I've been most busy though in the political arena. Have worked with a hand full of candidates across the northwest writing, recording, and producing, campaign advertising on TV and radio stations throughout the Washington and parts of Oregon. It's been an absolute blast strategically buying airtime and creating unique ads that stand out from the crowd. Check some of them out here.

Did the vast majority of work with a former candidate for US Senate... Paul Akers. I've worked with him for nearly two years and know he would bring such an amazing and refreshing perspective to our political system. He didn't win the nomination but did win over tens of thousands and people, other political candidates, businesses, and organizations with his "Lean" ideas.

The day after the election... he was already full tilt on to his next goal. Paul started an organization called Lean America. He has some amazing ideas that will save time, money, effort, and energy. Check it out.

We also made US political history as I produced the first ad for 2 candidates seeking the same position with Inventor and Innovator Paul Akers and Super Bowl Champion Clint Didier.

Paul also has a radio show that we're hoping to get syndicated across the country called The American Innovator. Go there and take a listen to some of the shows.

God Bless America!

-----------------------2009 news entries----------------------------

(December 2009)

Been doing a little singing here and there and also excited to hear that the songs are getting some very good numbers in airplay.

It's great to hear from friends that are hearing the Christmas album on the radio across the Northwest.  Maybe someday it will go beyond that... but for now I'm just enjoying the blessing that it's gone far beyond what I intended or even imagined.

The vocal arrangement of "Carol of the Bells" continues to grow with radio play and was picked up by a High School Musical company in L.A. last year.  And then "Mary Did You Know" has continued to blossom after being featured on "Christmas in the NW 10." 

Was  excited and surprised to hear a DJ friend in Oregon that this version of "Mary Did You Know" is in the top 300 Christmas songs being played on the radio nationwide... yet it's only being played basically in WA, OR, & ID to my knowledge. He said that means it's getting amazing exposure up here. I had no idea... thanks to all you who have called in and requested these songs. If a station tells you they don't have it... they can find it on iTunes, and just about everywhere else now. Thank you all again for your encouragement and support.

Well, hope you're enjoying the Christmas music and keeping everything in perspective. Was in Israel just a year ago and got to sing this song in the very spot believed to be the cave where Jesus was born. With all the business and awkwardness and expectations we place on ourselves this time of year, it can be difficult to remember the true reason for the season. Jesus Was, and Is, Will always be the Greatest Gift of All Time!

God bless you all!!!



(August 2009)

With the kids getting ready for school, my wife getting ready to teach, and the weather ups and downs... it's feeling like another change in seasons.

That's a good reminder that Christmas is just around the corner. Would love to come perform for you... so give me a call and lets get it on the calendar before it fills up.

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(Spring 2009)

Time is flying... but I sure do like the longer days and drier conditions. Makes it much easier for all the commercial shoots outdoors. Working on multiple spots right now and preparing for summer... (possibly working on a reality show for Discovery channel.) Can't disclose the details yet... but it looks like a blast!

Also putting together and scheduling some performances, weddings, and emcee, (aka M.C.) events as well. Click HERE to see a sample. Get in touch with me soon so we can get your event on the calendar.



(Jan 2009)

Well... It's a new year. 2008 ended in a rare white Christmas in my neighborhood and 2009 started with flooding. Our home was spared but we enjoyed owning waterfront property for a few days. Been busy working with a variety of clients in radio and television advertising... as well as jingles and other commercial marketing.

I'm also in the process of booking 2009 evening and weekend performances.  If you’re looking for some good, clean, fun entertainment (solo, 3 piece, or a full band)... or need an emcee or host for your event... here's the email: Be sure to contact us ASAP to get it on the calendar!

-----------------------2008 news entries----------------------------(Dec. 2008)

Recorded a Christmas TV special last month called The JourneyChristmas Card From the Northwest that is currently on the air across the U.S. and Canada... on Dish Network, Comcast On Demand, Miracle Network, Sky Angel, and even in areas around the world including India. Was just told that the potential reach is 1.5 Billion households. WoW!!! Ironically, Not a lot of opportunities to see it in the actual "Northwest." But, here is a link to the ever increasing list of stations and networks carrying the show.


(Nov. 2008)

Christmas 2008 is here and there are just a few open dates left to book Greg for your Christmas concert and event. Let us know ASAP if you have a Holiday event or party coming up and could use entertainment.  (Click here for contact info)

Whatever the occasion... As a soloist, or with his talented troupe of musicians and singers, Greg takes you on a musical trip through style and time... performing nostalgic Christmas classics and fresh favorites in a fun, humor filled, and interactive concert that’s sure to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. (Click here to see a sample)


(Mar. 2008)

What a whirlwind it has been! 2007 was quite an eventful year and 2008 is off to a very exciting start because of it. You'll see what I'm talking about in the 2007 entries below. Thanks to all of you who helped make it so memorable by purchasing the CD's and sharing the story and the music with hundreds of thousands of TV viewers, radio listeners, and newspaper readers. It was the most successful season I've seen with the musical side of my career and I'm incredibly thankful and indebted to all of you who played a part in it.

 -------------------------2007 news entries------------------------

(Dec. 2007)

Coming up on evening magazine Evening Magazine. The story of a child born with one arm (hmmm... who could that be?) who was helped by Children’s Hospital… now coming full circle as an adult supporting Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center as part of the "Christmas in the Northwest 10" CD.

It played on Evening Magazine also plays before the live performance of "Mary Did You Know" on the "Christmas in the Northwest" TV Special (See details below for channels and times).

You can see it here: CLICK HERE


xmas nw 10

The Christmas in the Northwest CD is in stores NOW.  What an honor to be on this CD (Song #15). It has featured the whose who of northwest musicians for decades... Dave Matthews Band, Heart, Kenny G, David Lanz, Steve Miller Band... What a History! This release (volume 10) has a great cut from my long lost friend Scott Krippayne and a very hip track from the talented Stacie Orrico. Check out this link:

You can even listen to all 10 albums from that page like a radio station. VERY COOL!!!


You can also catch the performance of

Mary Did You Know” on the “Christmas in the Northwest” Television Special

king 5 December 8th at 8pm

nwcn December 15th at 10pm

kgw December 15th at 7pm

kong December 16th at 7pm

nwcn December 25th at 10am

nwcn December 25th at 3pm

You can find even more dates around Washington, Oregon, and Idaho at:

xmasNW Greg

Mary, Did You Know? ~

xmasNW cast

The cast... and that singer guy again ^ & John Curley

xmasGreg & Sanjaya

An American idol and an American idle

My friends up at KAFE 104.3 and the rest of Cascade Radio Group are AWESOME!!! (The FIRST to play Greg O. Christmas tunes on air)
Be sure to listen and let them know.  I get to hang out with them for a few live shows again this season. You can always send in a request. I beat Elvis' "Blue Christmas" on their chart of "most requested Christmas songs" last year... but my dream is to beat "I wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas." It's a long shot... but everyone needs a dream to chase. Call them at (360) 676-KAFE or visit the "personalities page at and send an email to any of them. They are all incredibly cool!

Also warm 106.9 has added “Mary Did You Know” to their "on air" Christmas list. You can call in your requests there at 1-800-622-1069.

Larry Lomax at Spirit 105.3spirit has also been Awesome! He's featured "Mary Did You Know" and other tracks during his "Local Music Project" and his Christmas special as well.


If you missed the bham herald Story... here's a link to that below. Just click on the headline to see it.

"Former KVOS personality sings on benefit holiday CD"


Yeah for   iTunes… Being heard on iTunes lead to many of the great opportunities above…  It also caught the attention of a producer of renowned High School Musicals in Los Angeles .  He heard the accappella rendition of "Carol of the Bells" there and asked my permission to score it for their groups to perform.  Very cool… yes, it’s now available in sheet music so that others can perform it live (which I unfortunately can’t, since I can't sing 10 parts at once … makes cloning look much more efficient)


If you missed it... last spring brought some excitement when the "Stevens Pass" song parody hit the airwaves of KMPS, KAFE, 103.7 The Mountain... Telling the tale of long backups, Zeke's shakes, the Sultan Bakery and other home-grown interstate satire.


Greg Otterholt Greg O. Performing Live …

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